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I have been doing so many things at work at the same time these days on top of fighting against a bad cold….

And I still have a lot on my plate:

    – Carrying on with normal lectures
    – Submission of exam papers
    – Marking of assignments
    – Marking of project reports
    – Marking of placement reports
    – Reading/Revision of dissertation drafts
    – Appointments with dissertation students
    – Finalising a short consultancy
    – Doing the administrative work
    – Dealing with requests / queries (including some silly ones)

I hate end of semesters….

5 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Poor you.. good luck

    but in some way am in the same situation..Am fed up at work so much workload..my colleague on maternity leave no one to replace her n on top of that got exams in 2 weeks with loads of assignments 😦

    I just hope my vacation gets approved now! else i’ll go mad…


  2. hmmm,

    as for me am longing for a vacation leave abroad… have been discussing it with dad.. may b this october… anyways, workload has become unbearable at the Work Permit Unit… n harassment as well(from private companies) et en+ dissertation…

    am already half dead..


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